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Best Apple Music Alternatives to Listen to Streaming Music

Apple Music is now the most popular music platform since it is preset on iPhone, and iPad devices. However, if you are a big fan of music you will know that there are lots of other alternatives to Apple Music, and some of them are even far better than Apple Music. Moreover, they are also available on iOS which means you just have to download it from App Store. We will list out some of the alternatives that are still functional and their features for you to take into consideration when you want to choose one. 1. Google Play Music Google Play Music can provide you pretty good and free services like Radio Channel made by experts (The US only) and facility to upload your personal collection of 50000 songs to a Google server and store it, but you will have to endure the ads. After you store the songs on the Google server, you can listen to your songs across all of your devices with Google Play Music installed in that device. If you really like listening to music on Google Play Music you can choose to subscribe to the paid services including access to a database of 30 million songs along with other features like ads-free, free skip and the most important one: download the songs for offline listening. Google Play Music is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You can go to App Store and download it. Google Play Music 2.Pandora Pandora provides internet radio only-you pick a song, and then the service picks the songs and plays them on a "station" created based on artists, genre, and other features. If you want to skip songs you don't like or the ads, you will have to pay. Moreover, there is no going back to the previous song so if you can only give a "Thumbs Up" to the songs you like and then wait for them to play again. This service is available on iOS (including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook, Blackberry, Pebble Watch, and The Web. The price for its paid service is $4.99 per month or $54.89 per year. Pandora 3.Amazon Prime Music If you have already got an Amazon Prime account, then you have already got yourself the access to Amazon Prime Music. It can provide you thousands of ad-free, curated playlist and the most important option: offline listening. The ad-free "Prime Station" can provide you the option of unlimited songs skip. It should be noticed that you can purchase almost all songs currently in existence, but not all songs are available automatically for Amazon Music. Besides, if you buy digital songs or you upload one of your own, it becomes part of your music library. This app is available on iOS (including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, Fire tablets and phone, Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Echo, Windows, Mac, and the Web. Amazon Prime Music 4.TIDAL If you love listening to music with high fidelity sound quality, you will surprisingly find out that TIDAL is a pure fun and ideal choice. It provides you the unlimited access to more than 40 million tracks, which is more than good enough to keep your music time thrilled. Moreover, you can watch high definition music videos with superb sound quality to enjoy the very best music. The curated editorial by experts and artists ideally take care of your specific penchant. Moreover, the integrated music articles and offline mode help you discover the spectacle of your favorite music at your pace. TIDAL is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and it's a free service. TIDAL 5.Slacker Radio Slacker Radio will definitely make your music time more pleasant. Supporting smartly curated music programming, it can perfectly satisfy your particular interest, and in case you don't like the offerings, you will be able to customize your own offerings in accordance with your particular preference. Besides, it features several highly interactive music station which makes it impossible for you to run out of options. What's more, the exclusively hosted music shows weekly are exactly what you would like to hear. Still, this is a free-of-charge app that can be downloaded from App Store on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Slacker Radio 6.Spotify Music Spotify offers millions of soundtracks of different genres. You can enjoy the free service at the cost of enduring the ads. Spotify enables you to make and share your own playlist, or you can listen to the playlists other users have already made and shared. Although the free service is good enough to enjoy, the premium service still has its own advantages. You will be able to play any songs, whenever, or wherever as you like including mobile, tablets, and computers. The premium service will ensure you an ad-free music environment, listening offline and getting even better sound definition. With 4.5 stars from over 5 million ratings, you can't find a better alternative than Spotify to Apple Music. Spotify provides you the free service on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with some optionally paid subscriptions. Spotify Music 7.Deezer Deezer is the best option for you if you are a person who regards music experience as important. It is one of the finest apps that have been primed to enhance your music experience. You will be able to locate and stream music on your iPhone by using Deezer. It provides you unlimited access to millions of tracks which means you won't be out of music resources. Moreover, if you are a person who likes to sing along with the song playing, you will find Deezer enchanting for its on-screen lyrics can help you match the rhythm. The featured curated playlist allows you to quickly discover the songs that hold your breath the moment you hear them. The premium version allows you to skip an unlimited number of songs and listen to music offline. Deezer can provide free services on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and even Apple Watch, so if you want to listen to music while exercising Deezer is a hunky alternative. Deezer 8.SoundCloud SoundCloud is similar to a social media. You can follow your friend or your favorite artists, wait for their updates and discover new podcasts and news. There is a segment for most trending music, so you can follow the trend and stay with the herd. The search method is also simple and effective; you can search by track name or by the artist. You can access the basic play, pause and skip options from your lock screen itself. You can install SoundCloud on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and start to enjoy the free service. SoundCloud These eight alternatives have their own pros and cons for you to take into consideration when you want to choose one as your plan B. All of them are available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. If you also know some Apple Music alternatives that are not on this list, please share with us.

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