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How to Cast Audible Book on Chromecast

Chromecast built-in is a technology that lets you stream your favorite entertainment and apps from your phone, tablet or laptop right to your TV or speakers. Thousands of apps from different fields are supported to stream on Chromecast, like, HBO, Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, PANDORA, NBC Sports, MLS Live, and more.

However, some people want to cast Audible book to Chromecast but failed. Why? Because Audible app, as well as iTunes and Apple Music are not in Chromecast apps support list. At this moment, maybe you would ask, is it possible to stream Audible book on Chromecast?

The only thing you need to do is to convert Audible AA, AAX, AAX+ format to plain MP3 or M4A. Then you can cast them to Chromecast just like streaming MP3 files. Next, we move to introduce the best audible book converter with powerful capabilities.

Apple Music Converter is a good tool to unlock DRM from Audible audiobook and transform them to MP3, M4A, FLAC, AU, AIFF, MKA, AC3, M4R. In this program, you can convert a batch of Audible books and preserve ID3 tags for MP3 and M4A in full after stable conversion. Then, you can stream and play the Audible file on Chromecast Without limitations. Apple Music Converter is easy to master, the guide below will tell you how to convert Audible Book to MP3 file.

How to Stream Audible Book on Chromecast

Step 1. Launch and Add Audible to the Program

First, you need to add Audible books to iTunes playlist. Then install and launch Apple Music Converter, you will see iTunes playlists are sync to program automatically in a few seconds.

Lanuch Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Select Audible Book to Convert

Click “Audiobook” at the right playlist column, then audiobook will be displayed at the main interface. Select those audible books you want to convert. You can directly search file at the top searching box.

Select Audible Book

Step 3. Choose MP3 as Output Format

Find “Output Settings” at the bottom of the interface, then select “MP3” from the “Output Format” list. MP3 is a popular format, you can cast them to Chromecast without restrictions.

Additionally, the converted audible book will be saved in default document. If you want to change it, select “Output Folder” at the end of output settings section.

Choose MP3 as Output Format

Step 4. Set Preference

Move the curser to “Options” button, click it and you can edit conversion preference at the pop-up window. Check the option box next to “Metadata tags” to save information of Audible book after conversion.

Set Preference

Step 5. Begin Converting Audible to MP3

Click on “Convert” button at the top of the interface to start conversion.

Begin Converting Audible to MP3

Step 6. Cast Audible book to Google Chromecast

For Android and iOS users

In order to cast audible file to Chromecast, you need to install:

1. Google Cast app on your smartphone (available for Android and iOS)

2. Chromecast compatible applications for your smartphone or computer.

After that, you can transfer the converted audiobooks to your phone and cast them to Chromecast.

For computer users

You can upload music with Music Manager. With Music Manager, you can upload music from any music folder on your desktop (including iTunes and Windows Media Player) to Google Play and immediately start casting your top tunes to your TV or speakers.

Follow six steps above and you can quickly stream and play Audible book to Google Chromecast. Apple Music Converter is your good helper to switch encrypted file to a normal state. Let’s download it and have a try.

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