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Getting Audible Audiobooks on Apple Watch without A Phone Nearby

In recent years, more and more youngsters prefer using Apple Watch since it would be more convenient. They don’t need to carry a large mobile phone when they go for a walk or do some sports. Apple Watch can be used to send some voice messages, listen to music, look up for the map, and so on. The great convenience it brings has made many people get addicted to it.

But to some audible audiobooks lovers, it is quite a pity that audible is still not released an application for Apple Watch. Although it is possible for people to synchronize Apple Watch with their iPhone under the same network environment, it would be a great inconvenience when they want to listen to audiobooks during doing sports, which means people have to carry an Apple Watch as well as iPhone at the same time.

Apple Watch

Remove DRM from Audible Audiobooks

The main reason for why the audible audiobooks refused to play on Apple Watch is that the audible audiobooks are protected by DRM. With DRM protection, the audiobooks cannot be replicated to other devices. As a result, if you want to play audible audiobooks on Apple Watch, you have to remove DRM from them.

So how can we do that? Actually, we just need the help of some conversion applications. Apple Music Converter can be a good choice. This app can convert music, video, and audible audio books into DRM-free audio files, and change the format of them, which makes them available to many devices and media players.

Here I will give a guidance of operating the application to you.

Step1. Download the app

Firstly, download the app to your PC and install it. When you run the app, it will connect with your iTunes automatically.

Step2. Find your audiobooks

Here you have to make sure your audiobooks have been imported into iTunes. If you have imported, you can find your audiobooks in “Audiobooks” in the “Playlists”. If you’re not, try to import them to your iTunes first by adding and authorizing with your audible signed it. When you can find the list of your audiobooks in Apple Music Converter, select the one or more you want to convert.

Import Audible Audiobook(s)

Step3. Set your output audiobooks

You can set the format of your output audiobooks into MP3 in the “Output Settings”. Output folder and other data can be set here too.

Alter Output Audio Format

Step4. (Optional) Customization Settings

You can also set the speed of conversion from 1x to 16x if you want to save much time. Besides, the sort of your output files and metadata tags are able to be set here according to your preference, too.

Customize Output Files Settings

Step5. Remove the DRM

Start conversion by clicking on the “Convert” button. Wait for a moment and the conversion would be done quickly. Finally, the converted files will be found in “Open Output File”.

Start Converting Audiobook to MP3

After the conversion, the audible audiobooks have been converted into DRM-free files. It is able for us to use them on any devices and media players.

Play DRM-free Audiobooks on Apple Watch

After getting the DRM-free audiobooks, you can play it on Apple Watch now.

Step1. Install iTunes on Apple Watch

You have to install iTunes and create a new folder in its “Playlists”, the name of the new folder is to your preference.

Step2. Find the new list with your iPhone

Then you need to find the new list with your iPhone through iCould or USB cable. Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone and choose the new playlist of your audiobooks.

Step3. Synchronize the new list

After finding the new playlist on your phone and attach the two together, then synchronize them.

Step4. After synchronization

When the synchronization finished, you can use the audiobooks on Apple Watch without your phone and play them freely.

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