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How to Transfer iTunes M4P Files to Google Play

Can we directly transfer iTunes music M4P to Google Play? It depends.

A long time ago, all iTunes purchased music (in M4P format) are DRM protected by Apple's Fairplay DRM protection. But with the release of iTunes Match, Apple finally decided to discard the DRM protection on iTunes music in 2009.

However, does this mean that all M4P files are DRM-free now? NO!

If you have many iTunes music purchased before 2009, they are all DRM-restricted M4P format.

If you have subscribed to Apple Music, you will find that they are all DRM-protected M4P format, too.

You cannot directly upload these files to Google Play. You need to convert these M4P iTunes songs or Apple Music to most commonly used audio format like MP3, M4A, etc. and then upload them to Google Play.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is able to convert MP4 to MP3 quickly. This software is especially to convert Apple Music or iTunes songs in M4P format to MP3 and remove DRM from them.

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Step-by-Step Process for Uploading M4P to Google Play Successfully

Step 1. Open TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Download the program and install it on your computer. Launch this M4P Converter and iTunes will be launched automatically.

Note: Unregistered users can convert each M4P file for 3 minutes. To remove the limitation, purchase full version. You are suggested to try before buy.

Open TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Select M4P Music you Want to Convert

This software will automatically load all playlists and M4P songs from your iTunes Library, so there is no need to import M4P files – just select the ones you want to import to Google Play.

Select M4P Music

Step 3. Choose Output Format

Google Play supports MP3, M4A, FLAC, etc. So you can select one of these formats as the output format.

Choose Output Format

Step 4. Customize Settings

Click "Options" icon at the top of main interface and a Preferences window will pop up for you to make the settings. You can set the converting speed (up to 16X), output file name format, etc.

Install M4P to M4A Converter

Step 5. Convert M4P to Plain MP3

After all is done, click the "Convert" button to start M4P to MP3 conversion.

Convert M4P to Plain MP3

Step 6. Upload M4P to Google Play

After you get the output music files, you can upload them to your Google Play and then play iTunes music within your Google Play.

Google Play Music's web interface only lets you upload songs if you're using the Google Chrome browser. If you don't want to install Chrome, you can download the official Music Manager application and upload songs to Google Play that way instead.

Upload M4P to Google Play

Google Play Music Supported File Types

Supported file type

Notes about supported file   type

MP3 (.mp3)

AAC (.m4a)

Files are converted to the same bitrate   (quality) .mp3 files

WMA (.wma)

Can be uploaded using   the Windows version of Music Manager, not Google Play Music for Chrome

FLAC (.flac)

16 and 24-bit mono or stereo files   supported
Files are converted to 320 kbps .mp3 files

OGG (.ogg)

Files are converted to  the same bitrate (quality) .mp3 files

DRM protected AAC (.m4p)

Some .m4p files can’t be uploaded
Files are converted to the same bitrate (quality) .mp3 files

ALAC (.m4a)

16-bit files supported
Files are converted to 320 kbps .mp3 files

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