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How to Play Apple Music on Xbox One/360

What Prevents you from Streaming Apple Music to Xbox One?

One of the most-requested features of Xbox one is listening to music while playing games or browsing the internet. Recent years, many people want to stream Apple Music to Xbox One or Xbox One S. But almost all of them failed. That’s because there are three big obstacles which prevent you from playing Apple Music on Xbox.

• There is no Apple Music app on Xbox One.

• Apple’s Airplay allows iPhone, iPad and Mac users to stream video and audio from their devices to Apple TVs and other supported devices, of which the Xbox One is not one.  If you want to take advantage of Airplay with your Xbox player, you need the third-party AirServer app.

• Apple Music songs are DRM protected M4P files, so you cannot stream Apple Music to Xbox One like streaming MP3 songs. To play Apple Music songs on Xbox, you need to remove DRM from Apple Music first.

How to Remove DRM from Apple Music for Playback on Xbox One

You need Apple Music Converter to strip DRM from Apple Music. Apple Music Converter is desktop application that can convert Apple Music to plain MP3 with DRM removed. All you need to do is sigh in your Apple Music account on iTunes and then download all the Apple Music tracks you like on your computer. Then, install Apple Music Converter on your PC or Mac and let it help you convert the encrypted Apple Music songs to plain MP3. Here is the detailed guide.

Step 1. Download Apple Music Tracks on Your Computer

Launch iTunes on Mac or PC and click on “iTunes” > “Preference” > “General” to turn on “iCloud Music Library”. Then, go to “Browse” to find the songs, album or playlist that you want to download. And then click on “+” to add a sing song or click “ADD” to add an entire album.

Now you can go to “Library” to find the songs and albums added previously. Click on “Download” icon to start downloading the song. You will see “Downloaded” when it is done.

Download Apple Music Tracks

Step 2. Launch Apple Music Converter

When all the Apple Music you like are downloaded and saved on iTunes library, install and launch Apple Music Converter on your computer. iTunes will be opened at the same time automatically. As the program will work with iTunes, so please don’t quit iTunes.

Launch Apple Music Converter

Step 3. Select Apple Music Tracks

All your media files on your iTunes library will be loaded to the program automatically. Now you can click the playlists that contains Apple Music tracks on the left side. Then, tick those tracks you like in the right side. You can choose as many as you want.

Select Apple Music Tracks

Step 4. Choose Output Format that Supported by Xbox

Xbox Supported Audio Formats: 3GP audio, AAC, ADTS, MP3, WAV, WMA, WMA Lossless, WMA Pro, WMA Voice.

Here you can select MP3 as output format and set the bitrate as 256kbps to keep the same quality of your tracks after conversion.

Choose Output Format

Step 5. Convert Apple Music to Xbox One/360/S

When everything is ready, click “Convert” to start converting Apple Music songs to Xbox supported format. Depending on the size and the amount of songs you want to convert, the conversion process will be finished in several minutes to several hours. The maximum conversion speed is 16X faster.

Convert Apple Music to Xbox

Stream Apple Music from PC to Xbox

Step 1. On your PC, make sure that Media Streaming is turned on. You can find that in Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Media Streaming Options.

Step 2. On your Xbox One, go to Settings > Preferences and make sure PlayTo is checked like in the image below.

Xbox One Preference

Step 3. Now on your PC, find the Apple Music you have just converted, right-click the files and select Play To from the context menu and then Xbox One.

Play Music on Xbox

Step 4. A small Windows Media Player screen comes up, and you can add more songs to it and control playback.

Play Apple Music on Xbox


This is the whole guide on how to stream Apple Music to Xbox. The most important step is to convert Apple Music to MP3, and then you can stream Apple Music to Xbox like streaming other media files.

Some people ask, “If Apple will make an Apple Music app on Xbox One?”. To be honest, it is unlikely. As you known, Apple and Microsoft are kind of competitors. But it is not sure, Apple and Android are competitors, but they allowed Apple Music in the Android Play store! So, who knows! All I’m sure is that Apple Music Converter is the best helper at this moment to make Apple Music playable on Xbox.

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