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Audible to MP3: Unlocking Audible Audiobooks from DRM

Audible, which is owned by Amazon, has the largest catalog of audiobooks in the world. Its DRM only allows consumers to play audiobooks on “Audible Ready” device. And Audible disallows consumers to convert Audible files into MP3 which ensures the Audible experience of playback performance on its approved list of devices, including Windows Phone, Kindle Fire tablets, Sandisk MP3 players, etc.

Now, you might have some questions:

1. What’s Audible AA and AAX format?

2. Can I remove DRM from Audible audiobooks?

3. How to convert Audible to MP3?

In this comprehensive article, we’ll explain the most frequently asked questions about Audible audiobooks and help you gain access to DRM-free AA, AAX via Audible and Amazon easily.

Question 1. What’s Audible AA and AAX Format?

AA (Audible Audio) is an audio file format developed by Audible.com used for storing and distributing audio books sold on their website. The audiobooks on Audible.com can be downloaded in different versions and sound qualities. And the AA format is used for the lower quality audiobook version, contrary to AAX, which is the higher quality alternative to the AA format.

The audio data stored in AA files is encoded at low bit rates using either MP3 or AAC encoding. But the playback of AA files is heavily limited to a narrow set of Audible-ready devices such as Amazon Kindle because of the DRM encryption.

So, if Apple Music is supported on the iPod nano, you could download any song on the iPod nano and shuffle within the 3 month free trial, save them on the iPods and then cancel their subscription. This is exactly what Apple don’t want you to do.

AAX files are Audible Enhanced Audiobook developed by Audible. These files are multimedia digital audiobook which include images, links, videos and timeline. They are considered as enhanced format of AA files. AAX files can be played on iTunes, Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune, Creative Zen and the Amazon Kindle.

Question 2. Can I Remove DRM from Audible Audiobooks?

You might have experience the inconvenience of not being able to listen to your Audible audiobooks on MP3 player since they incorporates DRM protection. And you surely don’t want to experience such kind of restriction. If you are wondering on how to remove DRM from protected AA/AAX audiobook, well, there’s an answer for that.

Apple Music Converter is a well-designed program for removing DRM restriction from Apple Music, iTunes M4P songs, Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks, etc. As an Audible to MP3 Converter, it allows you to convert DRM protected iTunes M4B and Audible AA/AAX files to common audio formats including MP3, M4A, AC3, M4R, FLAC, AIFF and MKA. With this program, you are able to enjoy all protected audiobooks on any device with restrictions.

Question 3: How to Convert Audible to MP3?

Before you start the Audible to MP3 conversion, you need to add your Audible files to iTunes library. Here is how to import Audible AA/AAX files to iTunes:
Launch iTunes > click “File” > select “Library” > click on “Import Playlist” to add the Audible audiobooks to iTunes library. After that, you can start the conversion step by step.

Step 1. Run Audible to MP3 Converter on PC

Launch the program on your computer. Then iTunes will be launch automatically as well.

Launch Apple Music Converter on PC

Step 2. Select the Audible Files You Want to Convert

Go to “Playlists” section and click on “Audiobooks”, all audiobooks stored on your iTunes library will display on the right panel of the main interface. You can see the file type, name, artist and other information of your audiobooks. Select the AA/AAX audiobook you want to convert by ticking on the checkbox.

Select the Audible Files You Want to Convert

Step 3. Choose Output Format and Output Folder

Now you can go to “Output Settings” to select MP3 or other format as output format. After that, you can select your desired output folder.

Choose MP3 as Output Format

Step 4. Start Converting Audible to MP3

Click on “Convert” button and all selected Audible files will be converted to the DRM-free audio format you selected.

Start Converting Audible to MP3

If you have any questions about converting Audible audiobooks to MP3, feel free to tell us in the comments below! Enjoy!

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