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Top 7 M4A to MP3 Converters Free to Turn M4A Files into MP3

When Apple began to use M4A to save the music in iTunes and iPods, this format started to become more popular. However, when M4A is better compatible with iOS and Mac devices, sometimes playing M4A files on Windows, Android, Samsung, or other systems may be inconvenient. Even for some music players, M4A files can't be supported.

By comparison, MP3 is the most popular audio format, with great quality and also smaller file size. As a result, many people may begin to find a way to convert M4A to MP3. So, in this article, the top 7 best M4A to MP3 converters will be introduced to help you easily convert audio files from M4A to the popular MP3 format.

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Table Comparison of the Top 7 M4A to MP3 Converters

Product High Output Quality Batch Conversion Output Settings Editing Function
Apple Music Converter ×
Freemake Audio Converter × ×
Audacity ×
AVS Audio Converter ×
Cisdem Video Converter ×
MediaHuman Audio Converter × ×
VSDC Free Audio Converter × ×

Top 1. Apple Music Converter

Apple Music Converter Select Songs

Apple Music Converter offers professional iTunes M4A to MP3 conversion for both Windows and Mac users. People can easily load the iTunes Library in the converter and select the M4A playlist for converting to MP3 audio files and save offline at once. The 10X faster speed provided by Apple Music Converter also helps to speed up the conversion and save people's time. From the performance, conversion speed, and output quality, Apple Music Converter is the best choice you can trust.

Ratings: 5/5


l  Supports to remove DRM and convert protected Apple Music, iTunes   Music, Audible books to offline audio files

l  Provides the fastest 10X speed to batch convert songs and audiobooks

l  Keeps original quality while converting media contents

l  Saves all the original ID3 and metadata information of the songs and   audiobooks

l  Provides MP3 and other common formats such as M4A, AAC, AC3, AIFF, and   AU to convert music from iTunes Library offline


l  Limits the conversion to convert only 3 minutes of each song while   using the free version


Top 2. Freemake Audio Converter

Freemake Audio Converter

Freemake Audio Converter allows people to easily convert M4A format to more than 50 different options such as WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, FLAC, and so on. It also supports to extra the audios from videos for saving as the common audio files for playback. It costs no fee, so users can enjoy its M4A to MP3 conversion service totally for free. As a result, for those who want a free desktop M4A to MP3 converter, Freemake Audio Converter is a good choice.

Ratings: 3/5


l  Offers more than 50 different audio formats to select

l  Supports to customize settings of the audios before the conversion

l  Supports to input videos of more than 500 video formats for extracting   the sound to audio files

l  Converts the audios in batch to save time


l  The conversion speed is slow

l  It can't keep original quality to convert audio files


Top 3. Audacity


Although Audacity is a recording software and audio editor, it can be changed into a free M4A to MP3 converter by installing the FFmpeg library to it. When this is added, people can directly drop the M4A files to the editing screen for converting to MP3 format. But unlike other converters, Audacity doesn't support to convert by batch, so this is not a good choice if you want faster way to convert M4A files to MP3.

Ratings: 3/5


l  Provides free M4A to MP3 converting service on computers

l  Supports to edit audio file with professional editing tools

l  Keeps high quality to export MP3 audios

l  Offers shortcuts to control the software conveniently


l  Needs to install FFmpeg to add the M4A to MP3 conversion function to   the software

l  The interface will be complex for beginners to use


Top 4. AVS Audio Converter

AVS Audio Converter

AVS Audio Converter also provides the fluent function to convert audios from M4A to MP3 format easily. Other than MP3, people have wider options to select converting the M4A files to, such as WMA, WAV, AMR, OGG, and so on. Unlike Audacity, AVS Audio Converter allows people to convert several audio files at once, so that the conversion time can be saved.

Ratings: 4/5


l  Provides extra in-built editor to edit audios

l  Adjusts the audio settings freely before the conversion

l  Convert several audio files at once with the batch mode

l  Offers the user-friendly UI for using the software easily

l  Doesn't need any cost to use the functions


l  The conversion speed may be slow when converting more files at once

l  Only supports Windows computers


Top 5. Cisdem Video Converter

Cisdem Video Converter

Cisdem Video Converter is specially designed for Mac users to convert both videos and audios on computers with professional functions. It can highly protect the converted files to keep at the best quality without any loss. Also, with the accelerating speed, people only need to spend short time on converting M4A files to MP3 within a moment.

Ratings: 4/5


l  Provides over 600 popular formats to convert both videos and audios

l  Offers presets for people to choose to convert the audios to devices   directly

l  Keeps the full quality to convert media contents

l  The best conversion speed provides at 30X faster

l  Supports to rip DVD to both video and audio files inside one software


l  Only supports the Mac system

l  Needs payment to unlock the full functions


Top 6. MediaHuman Audio Converter

HumanMedia Audio Converter

MediaHuman Audio Converter is a free software provided for both Windows and Mac users to convert the music from M4A to MP3 and also bunch of other formats easily. It can batch convert files so that much time can be saved. For iTunes users, MediaHuman Audio Converter also allows to directly add the converted files back to the iTunes Library for storing, which brings better experience.

Ratings: 3/5


l  Supports the most popular formats to convert M4A files

l  Doesn't require any cost in using the functions

l  Offers the user-friendly UI for everyone to operate easily

l  Helps to save time by converting the files in batch at once


l  The conversion speed would be slower

l  It may compress the audio files while processing the audio conversion


Top 7. VSDC Free Audio Converter

VSDC Free Audio Converter

VSDC Free Audio Converter offers a classic UI but still reliable functions to convert audio from M4A to MP3 and also other formats, such as WMA, AAC, M4A, and so on. The software also allows people to change the details of the audio settings before the conversion, such as the bitrate, channels, and so on. Also, the "Tag Editor" helps people to change the song information if they need. VSDC Free Audio Converter is one of the best M4A to MP3 converter you can take for trying.

Ratings: 3/5


l  Supports batch converting audio files

l  Allows to edit tags for each song

l  The audio settings can be adjusted freely

l  Offers free service without cost needed


l  The software only supports Windows system

l  Sometimes the conversion is not fluent at all


In Conclusion

When you find a device or player can't support the playback of M4A files, these top 7 M4A to MP3 converters can bring you the help to make them playable again. Based on your needs, choose the most suitable one to try converting the M4A files to MP3 format on computers now!

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