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Convert M4B to MP3

Some people prefer audio over text for reading books and maybe you are one of them. I personally love listening to audiobooks because it is a great way for fast-learning and spirit-uplifting. Like many others, I download audiobooks from iTunes store and have them on my iPhone for playback. But I soon discovered a major inconvenience that I can only listen to the iTunes M4B audiobooks on iPhone, iPod or other Apple’s devices. But what if I want to listen to these M4B audiobooks in the car or other MP3 players?

If you are facing the same problem like I did, then the best solution I can tell is to convert M4B to MP3, which is a commonly used format.

iTunes M4B vs MP3

Same as the audiobooks you bought from Audible, Amazon or anywhere else, iTunes M4B audiobooks are protected by DRM which restricts you from playing the audiobooks on non-Apple products like PSP, Zune, Zen, MP3 player, etc. Even if you are the legal owner of those M4B audiobooks, you are not able to edit, share or convert them easily unless the DRM protection is unlocked. But MP3 is a widely-use audio file format which is DRM free and supported by almost ally media players.

Audio File Format M4B MP3
Description Audiobook or podcast   extension with AAC or ALAC encoded audio in an MPEG-4 container. MPEG Layer III Audio.   It is the most common sound file format used today.

Introduction of M4B to MP3 Converter

There are many audiobook converters that can convert DRM protected M4B to MP3, here we recommend Apple Music Converter. It can strip DRM off different types of audiobooks including iTunes M4B audiobooks and Audible AA/AAX audiobooks. What’s more, it is able to convert DRM protected M4B/AA/AAX to various DRM-free audio formats, such as MP3, FALC, AU, AIFF, MKA, etc. It can also keep chapters’ information when converting Audiobooks to M4A/MP3 files.

Step by Step Tutorial for Converting M4B to MP3

Before you start the Audible to MP3 conversion, you need to add your Audible files to iTunes library. Here is how to import Audible AA/AAX files to iTunes:
Launch iTunes > click “File” > select “Library” > click on “Import Playlist” to add the Audible audiobooks to iTunes library. After that, you can start the conversion step by step.

Step 1. Launch M4B to MP3 Converter

Launch M4B to MP3 Converter. Then the program will automatically fetches the available iTunes M4B audiobooks stored on your iTunes library and present them in the main interface.

Launch Apple Music Converter on PC

Step 2. Select M4B Audiobooks to Convert

You can go to “Playlist” > “Audiobooks” to take a preview of all your iTunes M4B audiobooks. After that, select the iTunes M4B audiobook that you wanted to convert.

Select the M4B Files You Want to Convert

Step 3. Set MP3 as Output Format

Go to “Output” > “Output Format” and select MP3 as output format. And other areas will be automatically filled by the software with default settings. You can also select the destination folder you desired to save the output files.

Choose MP3 as Output Format

Step 4. Start Converting M4B Files to MP3

Now click on “Convert” button to start converting M4B to MP3. When the process is finished, you will get your DRM-free audiobook in MP3 format.

Start Converting M4B to MP3

Apple Music Converter also supports batch converting M4B files to MP3. You can select several audiobooks or the entire album and convert them in bulk. Now you can find the converted MP3 audiobooks and transfer them into any media players, such as PSP, Zune, Creative Zen, Sony Walkman, etc. for playback.

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