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Do You Know: How to Set Apple Music as Ringtone

You may not be satisfied with your current ringtone on your iPhone or Android phone, and want to set songs from Apple Music to be your new ringtone. In this guide, I’ll show you how to change your phone’s default ringtone to the Apple Music track you like best. The instructions on this guide work on almost all phone models like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Nexus, Pixel, etc.

Part 1. How to Make DRM-free Apple Music

Before you start making Apple Music ringtones, you should understand that all Apple Music songs are encrypted with DRM protection, which is a limitation added to protect the streaming music collection from being burned to a disc, used in separate video project, or put onto devices that aren’t linked to the Apple Music account. This makes setting Apple Music as ringtone an almost impossible task. However, solutions have been offered to remove the Apple Music DRM and using Apple Music Converter is the best and most reliable one of all.

Apple Music Converter is able to remove DRM from Apple Music songs and playlist and convert the Apple Music files, audiobooks or other downloaded music from iTunes to DRM-free audios like MP3, FLAC, AC3, M4R, MKA, etc. Once the DRM restriction is unlocked, you are able to transfer and set converted Apple Music as ringtone for your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, etc. Here are the steps to Make DRM free Apple Music and set Apple Music as ringtone.

Part 2. How to Set Converted Apple Music as Ringtone for iPhone/Android

Apple Music songs and iTunes purchased music are formatted as M4P which stands for MPEG 4 Protected (audio). You can only listen to the M4P files on Apple authorized devices. If you want to enjoy your Apple Music on Android phone, tablet, MP3 Players or other media players, you need to convert M4P to common audio format like MP3.

Step 1. Launch Apple Music Converter

Download, install then launch Apple Music Converter on PC. iTunes will be launched automatically.

Launch Apple Music Converter on PC

Step 2. Select Apple Music M4P Files

Now you can go to “Library” tab and select the Apple Music tracks to convert. You can add one or more tracks for conversion at a time. To help you find Apple Music songs easily, you can use the “Search” box to locate a specific song by entering the detailed information like title, artist, etc.

Select Apple Music for Conversion

Step 3. Choose Output Format

*Make M4R iPhone Ringtone

The M4R file type is created by Apple to produce custom ringtones on the iPhone. So, you need to transform the M4P Apple Music to M4R to make Apple Music ringtone. In this step, please select the M4R as your output format.

*Make MP3 Android Ringtone

To add Apple Music that you have purchased from iTunes Store as a ringtone for Android, you’ll need to convert your desired songs to DRM-free MP3 format. So select MP3 as your output format.

Choose MP3 as Output Format

Step 4. Customize Output Settings

Click on “Options” button and enter the “Preferences” interface, you are able to set custom conversion speed for audio conversion from 1X to 16X. You can also set custom format for output file name.

Start Converting Apple Music

Step 5. Start the Apple Music to M4R/MP3 Ringtone Conversion

Now click on the “Convert” button to start converting Apple Music to MP3 or M4R audio. The conversion will finish in a few seconds.

Start Converting Apple Music

Step 6. Set Apple Music as Ringtone

*For iPhone users, you can add the converted M4R ringtone files into iTunes library and then sync your iPhone with iTunes. After that, go to your iPhone and click on “Settings” > “Sound” > “Ringtone” to set your Apple Music track song as ringtone.

*For Android user, you can now transfer the MP3 ringtone files into the “Ringtone” folder on your Android phone via the USB cable. After that, go to “Settings” > “Sound” > “Phone ringtone” on your phone and select the song you want and set it as your ringtone.

It’s pretty cool if you can set ringtones using the Apple Music rather than having to go through all the pain with purchasing and cutting 30-second excerpts of your songs on iTunes. Now you can set any Apple Music songs of your liking as a ringtone with Apple Music Converter – an extremely simple and powerful Apple Music ringtone maker.

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