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Easy Four Steps to Convert iTunes Music to MP3

If you are an iTunes user, you may discover the issue that it’s hard to play iTunes music on other players or devices except for certain devices such as iPhone and iTunes it self. It may be a troublesome situation when you want to play iTunes music on some Android devices or some MP3 players.Then, it could be a good idea to convert iTunes songs to MP3 as MP3 is a universally recognizable audio format. However, there is something you should know about iTunes music beforehand.

About iTunes Music

Normally the songs you download from iTunes mainly have two type of extensions: .m4a and .m4p. M4A stands for MPEG 4 Audio and it is a filename extension used to represent audio files. M4A and MP4 files are quite similar, being both based on the MPEG-4 codec. However, M4A is a file comprising solely of audio, whereas MP4 may also contain video.

M4P is a file extension for a protected audio file encoded with an advanced audio codec (AAC), which is a lossy compression. M4P stands for MPEG 4 Protected (audio). The M4P file extension is seen in an Apple iTunes purchased song which uses Apple’s “Fairplay” DRM (digital rights management).

Top iTunes to MP3 Converter

It may be known to some of you that iTunes is capable of converting songs downloaded from iTunes. It’s true. Nevertheless, the capability of iTunes conversion is limited, because iTunes can only convert partial M4A files. As for the M4P files, the DRM protection is an unbreakable barrier for iTunes. However, the powerful Apple Music Converter can help you make this happen. With the powerful feature of removing DRM from iTunes music, it supports converting iTunes music to MP3 freely and cause nearly zero quality loss within minutes. The Apple Music Converter has made no mistake when converting iTunes music to MP3 so far. Therefore, if you want to convert iTunes music to MP3, your best choice should be Apple Music Converter. You can follow the steps below to make this happen.

Easy Four Steps to Convert iTunes to MP3

Step 1. Add iTunes Music

Firstly, you should download the Apple Music Converter and install it. After the setup is over, the program will launch automatically and you will get into the main interface where you can add iTunes music to the program. Choose songs you want to convert.

Add iTunes Music

Step 2. Choose MP3 as Output Format

After all files added, now you should choose output audio format. You can change the output format by clicking the “Output Format” bar. Then select MP3 from the drop-down list.

Choose MP3 as Output Format

Step 3. Change Output File Parameters (Optional)

You can change the output files’ parameters with your preference if you wish. You can change bit rate, codec, sample rate and channels.

Change Output File Parameters

Step 4. Start Converting iTunes Music to MP3

After all settings done properly, you can now start converting iTunes music to MP3 by clicking the “Convert” button. The conversion will take only minutes so you can take a short rest. After the conversion is over, you can open the output file to check out the converted files and transfer them to any devices for free playback.

Start Converting iTunes Music to MP3

Simple four steps are all you should take to make troublesome iTunes music to MP3 for free playback. If you also need a powerful DRM removal you should not miss this powerful Apple Music Converter that makes nearly zero mistakes. Moreover, the Apple Music Converter also serves as a DRM remover for audible audio books from iTunes. If you wonder how to make this happen you can click how to convert audiobooks to MP3  to check out the tutorial.

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